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Building a website that attracts seamless interaction for customers is of utmost importance. But, the main challenge that comes after building a website is its maintenance. Our team of experienced experts are highly capable of website maintenance that have successfully provided clients with high-quality apps. Our testing services involve high standards, ensure quality and expertise.

CakePHP Development

CakePHP is among the most popular PHP frameworks that are trusted and used brands all over the globe. CakePHP aids in reducing a large amount of code. It uses convention over configuration that allows the framework to figure out your code. CakePHP also helps in reducing heaps of code. The simple syntax, common-sense design, application scaffolding and code generation tools of CakePHP allow you to prototype and validate faster. This enables your application to be ready for progressive growth. CakePHP supports unit testing. Through its thousands of plugins that are available to extend and enhance the framework beyond its core capabilities expect rapid development in less time. Our teams of experts ensure development at the highest level.

Laravel Development

Laravel is an open-source, PHP based web application framework. It follows the MVC architectural pattern. Laravel employs a fast development approach for developing high-quality web applications with modular programming. It is the most preferred PHP framework for web application development. Laravel is also known for its robust features that are valuable in developing web applications at a much faster pace. Laravel helps in the development aspect as it eases out common tasks used in the majority of web projects that include authentication, routing, sessions, and caching. LiangTuang offers a wide range of Laravel development services to businesses of different industries. We also have an in-house expert team of developers with extensive knowledge on Laravel Platform and experience.

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Our team of specialists and experienced PHP programmers have been known to showcase their dynamic skills, knowledge.

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