Mobile App Development

Comprehensive development for on-demand Mobile App for any start-up companies and existing enterprises using the latest technologies that provide resounding end results.

Website Development.

Design your website with our exponent developers creating your idea into amusing reality. Make your website appear incredibly stunning on any devices with our customized solutions and implementation.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Establish your Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models with our niche skilled professionals to increase and innovate the process providing a ready and complete system.

Virtual Reality

Blend your enterprise solutions with our Virtual Reality service to experience immersive and authentic outcomes to better enhance your business and projects.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Drive a number of true customers through our empowered smart solutions and connecting assets for new and old enterprises, projects and
other proposals.

Services We Provide

UI/UX Design

Our team focuses on providing a product in which utmost importance is given to the user's experience.

Website Development

The web applications are developed and curated with utmost planning that helps us deliver the best to you.


Our team of experienced experts are highly capable of maintenance that have successfully provided clients with high-quality solutions.

Mobile Development

The plans or framework that was decided in the previous stages will now be put into action in the code phase and Testing phase.


Our team of developers specialize in utilizing agile development that offer full-cycle app development for a great mobile experience.

QA Testing

We offer intensive and diverse testing services that revolve around extensive testing to help businesses reach their utmost capabilities.

Technology Consulting

LiangTuang helps businesses reach the next level with fresh technologies and innovation advisors that drive business value.

About Us

We are the path-finder in creating the future for humanity. We define future powered by designed imagination.

Our Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP):

   To inspire the generation next for abundance future through human-technology interface on earth and beyond.
  To nature prudent technologist and develop innovative exponential technology to find solutions to human realities.


Travel with GDS integration Liamtra

We have pulled our collars for creating and developing one of the best featured travel apps called LIAMTRA , a one stop platform for all kinds of travel needs. Visit for reference at

Eliciting leisure and transportation for the community is one of the crucial purposes of service. Make your travel service accomplished through Liangtuang Services. Apps that we take delight in developing travel & tourism app are:-

  • Flight Booking
  • Taxi Booking/Hosting
  • Tour Booking/Hosting
  • Portable or transfer

Energy & Healthcare

We being a young company do not stop us from achieving and accomplishing our set targets. We have enliven the conception design of COLBUN into a promisingly remarkable project

You may save a lot more lives by bringing your thoughts to us for improvising it! We are #1 in helping Chemist, Clinics and Hospital startups develop and design mobile apps for faster accessibility. Hire our developer team today to develop your healthcare app. We help design:-

  • Patients App
  • Doctor App
  • Pharmacist App
  • Yoga App
  • Gym App

On Demand Application for Food Order

With an exceptionally well versed team, we are on the run to let your food ordering app top among the search giant! We will deliver your love to your audience with perfection.

  • Food Ordering and Delivery


Need your closets, accessories or other utilities made known to the world? We are highly capable of curating your products and platform design in a way you have far imagined. Apps we help designed where one has no turning back:-

  • Jewelries and accessories
  • Online Furniture
  • Online Grocery

Real estate

We will bring your audience through our slickly customized design for your business Mobile App. Scale up your estate and properties by hiring our developers to enlighten your service, availability ensured and manage your customer. Developing and curating estate app our team delivers on:-

  • Real estate Project Management App
  • Customer Relationship Management App

Agri Business

Our esteemed team have fortunately made a fulfillment in building AGRIMANDI App, an agribusiness B2B platform targeted for pan India customers. AGRIMANDI profoundly envisage creating national digital agricultural commodities with a robust network of distributors including rural agents, exporters and existing APMC.

Create your utmost dream into reality through Liangtuang today. In favor of give and be given, let your business be born with our experienced developers. Have best experience in our app design based on your idea:-

  • Agri Mandi

Supply chain

A story of transforming dream to reality, TECHMANDI, a supply chain management project is fulfilled by our prominent team. The good intentions proffered by TECHMANDI are enhanced with a right integration of services from Liangtuang. TECHMANDI profoundly envisage creating national digital agricultural commodities with a robust network of distributors including rural agents, exporters and existing APMC.

Furnish your urge in effecting your supply chain, tracking and transparency of your business by encountering our robust services for reliable end-to-end services. Our company ensures and design apps for:

  • Logistic Supply
  • Goods Supply
  • Tracking

04Years’ Experience in IT

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Hire professional PROs using FastPRO mobile app to help you with your visa processing, documents clearing & other PRO services. Have no time to get your maid visa or family visa processed? Has visa renewal process changed?

ipad pro


Liamtra is founded with the Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) to offer “Something for Everyone”. The journey of Liamtra began on the 27th of April 2019 at HYATT Regency, Oval Hall, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi, India. It was conceived in Nagaland a land of festivals with rich culture. Why we came?



Colbún S.A. Is a Pro Pyme company Manual of the ProPyme recognition of the Ministry of Economy of Chile (PDF)


Nanotech Energy

Imagine a world where charging your device happened in just a fraction of the time with an energy storage system that runs three times longer than traditional batteries. Hyped as the material of tomorrow,



Risland Holdings, a Hong Kong-based multinational real estate conglomerate, is one of the world’s leading top-notch players in the industry, offering a wide range of services that include residential and commercial development, property management and related services.



The Beecart app is an easy way to buy and sell items around you. KSA's largest classified marketplace, now brings you cool deals near you. We realize that buying and selling is easy when it happens nearby.


Cannabis Job Board

The Cannabis Job Board is the Cannabis Industry’s #1 Job Board And Hiring Platform. It’s where people go to find cannabis jobs and get hired and where employers go to find and hire exceptional talent within the cannabis industry.


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The Best Mobile App, Software Development and IT Solution Company

We are a complete package of professional mobile app, Software and other IT solution developers with a spirit of dedication to produce effective and innovative solutions allowing your business to grow exponentially. We are adhesively aspiring, creative, organized, punctual, naturally cordial and genuine in our approach.

Excellently performing software development services, Liangtuang Technologies does not fail to deliver outstanding progress for its clients. Our esteemed client projects we get acquainted with during this short journey are Liamtra, TechMandi, Colbun, AgriMandi, RisLand India, Assertsoft, Story Tale Marketing, ANM Metro and other reputed client projects. We cover the entire dimension of every mobile App, IT services and software Development concern providing ultimate requirements and solutions. We discover the real worth of our clients’ objectives towards their businesses and help deliver every on-demand that actually solves the physical barriers. Our clients recognize us as an ideal Software and IT Solution Company as we give a solid and reliable service throughout the process. They are happy with the end results of every project delivered in the given period of time.

Liangtuang Technologies is tagged as the best Mobile App, Software Development and IT Solution Company. From planning to execution, we coherently customized with excellent content delivery, convincing UI/UX design, lucid AR/VR and IoT services, clean coding, exceptional cloud computing solution giving a seamless experience with our cutting-edge technologies.

Encounter with our A1 solution for enhanced experience for any development such as Mobile App, Web, Web app and other Software Development.

Why choose Liangtuang for Mobile app, web development and other IT services

Our team of experts are the reason behind the success of our project development for our clients. We help create an immersive and dynamic experience for your targeted business with ease. Dispose your risks and complexities into our developers’ hands to recreate your business.

Proficient Team

Backed by a qualified and expert IT team with over 12+ years of experience, we assure transformational progress by constantly delivering front-line services for our clients. Our developers are naturally enthusiastic to embrace every unique project proposed by our clients as there are no barriers to stand against our professional interest.

Work Transparency and Ethics

We believe that the key to building a professional rapport with our clients are transparency and ethical conduct in work and in communication. Therefore, Liangtuang Technologies executes its work process with these principles to have a long term and special bond with our clients. Hence, we built trust in each other.

Scalability on Demand

Our team ensures that your workflow demands and storage can be flexible enough to scale up or down to meet the demands of your growing businesses. Here, your requirements are clearly customizable, highly optimize all round efficiency in the work process and it is totally
cost saving.

Quality service and 24/7 Clients Support

Liangtuang Technologies is a reputed IT company providing seamless solutions to develop your Mobile App, Web, and other related IT development projects with promising quality services and final project delivery. We stand as a reliable IT solution company rendering 24/7 clients support whenever they need our assistance

Use of Latest Technologies

We patently keep track of the latest technologies which will be adhesively suitable for your development projects. Hence, your projects are backed by our own proprietary technologies to enhance and create a premier branding among your
other competitors.

call center
On-Time Delivery

Liangtuang Technologies strictly adheres to deliver projects on time. This is fulfilled because of our dedicated and loyal IT developers who consistently perform to achieve the set target.


The service rendered by Liangtuang Technology is beyond appreciation. I personally thank the team for their outstanding task to make the Risland India platform profoundly serviceable. Having to work with this superb team, they have emulated our plan, our execution and our company’s design in our accordance. Through their project and implementation, we have earned a number of valued audiences. As a client, I enjoyed their demeanor friendly and professional approach.

Neeraj Patnaik - Project Manager Risland India

With our quest to find relevant servicing websites to fulfill our company’s needs, long story short, we became acquainted with this amazing company of Liangtuang. Their genuine and flexible servicing is astoundingly great. They have proved me right as an exceptional IT service Company by their commitment, on-time delivery and responsibility.

Victor Vilche - Founder of Assertsoft

As a satisfied client I feel elated to drop an acknowledgement for Liangtuang. They are the best team to make your website needs adequately presentable and productive. With no doubt, I recommend their service for any eCommerce Platform development and there’s no turning back once you experience their autonomous services.

Savannah Ryan - Founder Story Tale Marketing

Thanks to Liangtuang Service, our platform is efficiently working. Through their service our mission is embraced by our targeted customers as it delivers sales visibility and authentic servicing. Their customized services are proficient as they understand what the clients want.

Rachel O Rourke - Head of PR & Brand

LIANGTUANG has been our trusted partner in software design and development for the past one year. The LIANGTUANG team is well versed in Agile software development practices and is adept in different technologies and frameworks. The team is young, energetic and vibrant with a go getter attitude towards work. The management is very understanding of the business needs of the clients and transparent in all aspects pertaining to software development life cycle . I strongly recommend team LIANGTUANG for software development whether it is for making a small website or collaborations on advanced mobile applications and technologies.

Garg Ganeshan - Product Owner Tech Mandi

It is honestly hard to find a reliable servicing company but at Liangtuang it is a completely different experience. I would genuinely point out that they perform a front-line task and provide ultimate solutions as per your requirements. Liangtuang Technology is the neediest solution company you should run for.

Mohammad Hossam - Project Manager at Anm Metro

Here’s to the incredible Team for their solid job! Liangtuang solutions to clients’ needs are exceptionally precise and optimal. To all the aspiring business apprentices, have a quality experience with our recommendation to Liangtuang services.

Yaseen Zbedi - Founder of Price Comparison Engine

Our Expertise

react js
code igniter
.Net Core
Go Lang
React Native


Our Developers are, no doubt, well-versed in the field of different technologies providing unique and comprehensive solutions. With years of experienced experts, we built up a resilient team to diligently carry out the development process with determination and consistency. Our full-stack mobile developers, web developers, quality analysts, UI/UX designers and other programmers sum up to give a promising task delivery with an offering of cutting edge technologies. Our main goal is to go beyond developing but to provide the ultimate after-sales experience.
The process to develop a Mobile Application begins from the time our client defines the idea of his project. The duration depends on the complexity and requirement of the project. For a small-sized project, it may take around 1 - 3 Months, Large-size projects may estimate from 6 months to 1 year, henceforth can be released phase wise.
Liangtuang Technologies are anticipatedly keen to stay updated with the newest technologies for resounding upshot of web, app and other software development.
Each client is received by dedicated support experts to guide them throughout the contract validity of the client’s project. The specialist holds responsibility for making the client know about the event planners assigned with preparing the application, its requirements, period targets and the content. The entire process is then shared to the client from development perspective to achieving the milestones and have access to anything related to web development or app development.
Feel at ease to connect with us! Clients wanting to connect with us for any assistance or clarification or want to discuss any sensitive topics, we are all ears to come to your aid. Connect us through:
  • Phone -
  • +91 996 872 3313 (India)
  • +1 210 209 8841 (USA)
  • +49 160 873 5426 (Germany)
  • +56 997 847 438 (Chile)
Our client must understand that each project undertaking will be unique or slightly similar to others. Depending on the project size/features, design, coding, development and testing, the cost factor is determined. Our clients can openly discuss with the concerned project manager to help identify, classify and estimate the price for each project undertaking.
We accept flexible mode for any payment. Our clients can experience relief from any complex situation when it comes to payment. We follow a relaxed and eased method of payment. We accept:
  • -Any online payment,
  • - Bank Transfer
  • - Paypal
  • - Cheque

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