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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Liamliang Travellers Private Limited (Liamtra) is a company that operates its website at, acknowledges and respects your concerns pertaining to privacy and assures the protection of personally identifiable information of the customers and keeps it confidential; including their names, gender, addresses, financial status, banking details, contact details, passwords and any other security-related information that are shared with us. Liamtra is a reliable and trustworthy travel agency of India, and we take every reasonable step to protect your privacy. To visit Liamtra website, there is no need to reveal personal information and the user accessing our website remains entirely anonymous. However, when registering, the user hereby agrees with the terms of this privacy policy and the contents mentioned herein. This privacy policy does not apply to any website(s), mobile apps or mobile sites of any third party, even if their websites are linked to our website. It should be noted that the information and privacy functions to which Liamtra provides a hyperlink(s), be it advertisers or sponsors, may have different contents from this Privacy Policy and it is recommended to review the privacy statements of third parties. This policy defines how processes your information. Additionally, the policy may be altered or updated in intervals, so it is mandatory to check it from time to time. Liamtra assumes that the user has read all the provisions in this Privacy Policy and notes that by using our platform for hosting/booking:

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