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Software Development Process

We follow agile model approach for developing Robust, Secure and Portable solutions. The development process follows seven distinct steps which helps us to create the best possible solutions on-time & within budget. We use to broken up the projects into several iterations or sprint.

Our Development Process

All sprints are about 2-4 weeks depending upon how we agree with the client. At the end of each sprint, we deliver a working product. At the end of each sprint, a potentially shippable product increment is delivered. Thus, with every iteration new features are added to the product, which results in the gradual project growth. With the features being validated early in the development, the chances of delivering a potentially failed product are significantly lower.


The planning phase is the first step of the project. In this entire phase, the plan is decided by the assigned IT service consultant in accordance with the client. The process is conceptualized from the start to the end.


The wireframing phase is the second step of the process that is going to include the performance of the steps that were communicated in the planning phase. In this stage, the management will bring the required team together to obtain the results.


Our expert’s design and create digital experiences that offer a smooth and enjoyable ride for end-users, as well as for our clients.

Code / Testing

The plans or framework that was decided in the previous stages will now be put into action in the code phase and Testing phase.


The deployment phase marks the end of the project. All the assigned people will be relieved from their duties after the project is finally accepted by the client.

Our Project Process

Our well-defined project process enables us to provide you with the best solutions. Our process is customized according to your business.

01 Planning
02 Prototyping
03 Coding
04 Testing
05 Deployment

Our Working Style

Generally, we follow three styles to provide the best service as per the client preference. The working styles that we follow are an hourly basis, fixed price, and resource engagement.

Let us brief you more about the same in detailed manner:-

Hourly Basis

  • A weekly report will be given to you. The report will showcase the number of hours spent to complete the task pre-defined.
  • We will use tracker for hourly jobs to keep the genuine track of hours consumed in project.
  • Payment will be weekly.

Fixed Price

  • The milestones will be created on Upwork dividing the payment equally.
  • The payment will be escrowed for each milestone.
  • Once the milestone is complete and approved, the payment will be released by you.
  • You are always making the post payments giving you the confidence of any paying once you see it.